I am a female entrepreneur with a background in communication and higher education. For years I worked for commercial corporations, but after working for eight years as a manager at the University of Applied Sciences Amsterdam and being bitten by the TED bug, it ignited a passion within me.

I work on projects focused on social impact and creating change and affect people in a positive way. I love seeing people excel and giving them a platform in order to do so. I believe in inclusion for all, wether it’s within work or society and a big part of my job is trying to install that in others.

I am an international strategic communications consultant specialised in consulting governments, semi-government cities, and nations regarding complex communications problems and facilitating them via creative solutions. Seeing nations, cities, organisations, and people’s lives change through social impact inspires me to do this work. Working in more than 20 countries I have discovered that the feedback I receive from all my clients that after I left a positive energy came into the organisation, that not only changed organisations but also peoples lives. My goal in life is to leave behind a legacy of creating positive change and social impact.